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100% Real Chocolate

February 25, 2012

At my mother’s nursing home today, we opened the last box of her Christmas Gift Chocolates.

Inside, on top of the  liner paper was a note from the candymaker entitled “100% Real Chocolate.”  It read,

“We use only 100% real chocolate.  It says it right there in our ingredients.  

Other manufacturers can’t say this.  You see, not everything chocolate-colored is real chocolate.  

Look for words such as ‘chocolate flavored’, ‘chocolaty’ or ‘chocolate coating.’  

This is not real chocolate, merely a flavored product that is often vegetable oil based.”

Reminds me of some Christians and some churches.

Not everything that claims to be about Christ is really Christian.

And that probably includes you and me now and then.

Wanna explore this further?  Leave a comment and I’ll see you back here soon.

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  1. Easy to say you are Christian. Harder to act like a Christian.


  2. Nanette Traband permalink

    Some politicians floated to the top of my mind. Hmmm.


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