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Tried to Love, But….

Another typo.

Trying to end a message to LJ4 with this —





— but what appeared on my screen was —





— You can say that word so that it rhymes with “5.” Suddenly my closing to LJ4 could be understood like a line from an old ad about somebody to appear at five “Live and In Person!”

Or, you can say it the same way I read it at the moment, so that it rhymes with “give.” Now my typo has become a call to action, inviting us to intentionally “Live.”

As in like let’s take Christ Jesus up on his offer to make us fully alive, like he says in John 10:10b.






Do, Do, Stay

Wally Carlson, real life friend and colleague, is timely with this —

Words we need to remember – especially these days.

1. Do no harm.

2. Do good.

3. Stay in love with God.


— Easy to say.

By the grace of God, do-able.

Here’s a whole new work week waiting for us.




When they said, “Let’s go to the house of God,” my heart leaped for joy!

True or False for you?

It’s Psalm 122:1, and sure is true for a lot of us.

Let’s get ourselves to church and worship with other believers.

If you’re not leaping for joy at that prospect, what’s stopping you?

One Thing You Said

It’s Saturday.

What’s one thing you said this week to let your light shine, as Christ Jesus says in Matthew 5:16?

You, Too?

In case we get confused….

In case we forget….

In case we overthink it….

In case we muddy the waters…

I’ve done all of the above and more. You, too?

When all the while it’s really this simple —




 — That’s what 1st John 4:8 says.

And who am I to argue?

I just need to remember it better.

You, too?


Fourth, The Example of Christ

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.


Glad to get to the rest of this verse, 1st Corinthians 11:1, after yesterday’s only hearing the first phrase from St. Paul.

But then my relief gives way to silence.

Am I really able to say that I follow the example of Christ?

How about you?

We have to start there, with the end of this verse, first.

Do our words and our actions keep the camera pointed at Christ as our example?



Third, Imitate Me

I don’t think I’ve ever preached on this.

Sure hadn’t planned to hit you with this today.

But while we’re trying to be a bit more intentional this week, I keep hearing this biker-looking guy clearing his throat to get our attention.

I glance over his way.

Follow my example, he says.

He’s St. Paul, and he wrote that in 1st Corinthians 11:1.

Then I hear someone ask me if I’m willing to tell people that same thing.

Are you?

Follow my example…is that something you say to people?

See you back here tomorrow.