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not for pastors only BONUS BLOG: church people

May 17, 2023

FROM ME IN 2010: There’s just a lot they don’t teach in seminary. Great wedding, super couple, St. Louis’ Forest Park…and rain, and a duck that joined the wedding party’s processional…but what an image and what an illustration!

FROM ME TODAY: I’d had my umbrella essentially holstered (and if you wear glasses and have ever been caught in rain, you understand). Jamie Slusser Macke is the bride in this picture. She was a kid when it was first my honor to pastor her family. She and Christopher were delightful to work with, and are still happily married. I say all this to set up my expression of gratitude for her comments which follow, and are themselves reminders that church people can be gifts!

FROM JAMIE, UNSOLICITED, YESTERDAY & TODAY: Joe- it just wouldn’t have been the same without you ❤️. And also, I remember so distinctly- with the first raindrop, suddenly, an umbrella comes up and not a beat was missed!! So many people after our wedding asked how we knew you. Everyone thought you were so wonderful and I felt lucky to be able to say that I had known you since I was 9!!

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