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Christmas: they don’t know it yet

December 24, 2022

Katie Clemens is my source and wow yeah —-

They don’t know it yet, but when they’re grown and starting their own Christmas traditions, it will be you they mirror.

Your family recipes will grace their holly dressed table and the classic punch
you spiked will come out after lunch.

They’ll search for the same candle scent that you burned to get that nostalgic smell that is
woven into their memories.

They will play the carols that feel like home, that feel like you.

Their children’s handmade snowmen and
reindeer will be hung with pride just like theirs were, and carrots will be nibbled on Christmas Eve in the same way you did it all
those years ago.

Morning elves, phantom sleigh bells and santa photos will create the same joy and excitement for their kids that
you created for them.

When they think of Christmas, it will be you. It will be you they emulate, you they remember, you that want to be for their kids.

You’re their memories,

you’re their magic,

you’re their Christmas.

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