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They’re Everywhere, and Always Busy

October 22, 2022

CrystalBB is a friend IRL, who recently shared this —

You work 12 hours a day: You have no life.

You work 6 hours: You will have nothing in life.

You don’t work: you’re wasting your time.

Living with your parents: get out and get a life.

You live in a rental property: why are you wasting your money?

You have your own house: can’t you do more repairs?

You’re an entrepreneur: you are taking advantage of others.

You are an employee: you are letting them take advantage of you.

You have a new car: how ridiculous, buy a house.

You don’t have a car: save your money and buy a car.

You go on vacation: they spend way too much money.

You don’t go on vacation: They never get out and do anything.

Posted a photo: she likes to get attention.

You will not participate in social media: she’s probably hiding stuff.

You’re single: no one wants them.

You’re in a relationship: they probably won’t last.

Gained weight: he’s unhealthy and needs to lose weight.

He lost weight: he looks unhealthy and needs to gain weight.

You have a tattoo: You’re a sinner.

You have no tattoo: You’re no fun.

Critical people will always have something to talk about and criticize.

Therefore, you just do you who cares what people say about you.

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