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Fried? 1. Go Slow

August 5, 2022

Pete Greig again —


You’ve been operating at an unsustainable speed, your engine is screaming and it’s time to change gear. God does not have ADHD. He’s not a workaholic. He’s the most relaxed being in the universe.

On the seventh day, we are told, God rested. He enjoyed his creation. He paused to admire the fruit of his labour.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel observes that, while other ancient religions hallowed particular places and things, the Jews alone hallowed time.

We are commanded to keep the sabbath. It has to be planned carefully, and guarded jealously. (I’ve not been too good at this these past few weeks. How about you?)

There are external pressures that make it hard to slow down, but also an internal drive to maintain the buzz of self-importance that comes with busyness.

Meet back here tomorrow. Meanwhile, let’s Go Slow.

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