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Even God Can’t, part 1

September 20, 2021

David Oliver Kueker, real life friend and colleague, recently wrote this and graciously gave me permission to share it with you here —

There are many who will seek to lead by avoiding difficult conversations … but … when I think of school districts, I remember a joke:

A little girl at Sunday school hears the teacher say, “Class, can you tell me one thing that God cannot do?”

And the little girl’s hand just shot right up.

And the teacher thinks, “Oh no. When I explain that God is all-powerful and all-knowing, this little girl’s going to be so humiliated.”

So she goes into great depth about how powerful God is, and how strong God is, and how smart God is.

The little girl’s hand just gets even crazier because she wants to be called on, because she knows something that even God can’t do. And the teacher couldn’t talk her out of it.

Finally, the teacher said, “Honey, what is it that you feel that God can’t do?”

And the little girl folded her hands in her lap and said proudly, “I know that even God can’t please everybody.”

Sadly, this doesn’t stop us from trying.

— Let’s pick up right there.

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