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You Say You Want a Resolution! For Epiphany?

January 6, 2021

— This EpiphanyCOVID-19 image

comes to you with gratitude

to the people who are

Journey Church in Freeburg, IL


QUICK REVIEW: Colleague Michael Williams wrote —

What do you resolve on the first day of a new decade? (Though many herald a new decade when the year number ends in 0, the decade actually begins with the year ending in 1.)

“Consider a different question: What would your prayers be for Christians across the world as we navigate this important transition? Let me share a few of mine.

“First, I pray that we as Christians are more determined to live out God’s commands to love God and our neighbor than to make everyone believe exactly the way we do.”

“Second, I pray that Christians include as neighbors every part of God’s creation.”]

Third, I pray that Christians would talk less and do more to respond in love to violence, poverty, hunger, homelessness, loneliness and hurt.”

— Again, here’s simply my Amen in agreement, and I hope to see you be back here tomorrow.

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  1. Amen and so be it.


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