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BONUS BLOG: A Call to Prayer

January 6, 2021
Donna Claycomb Sokol is a colleague and online friend pastoring the Mt. Vernon Place United Methodist Church in downtown DC (900 Massachusetts Ave NW, in fact). She graciously gave permission to share this today
“And having been warned in a dream
not to return to Herod,
the magi left for their own country
by another road.”
— Matthew 2:12
Herod always wants us to believe he has more power than is actually entrusted to him.
Herod knows how to manipulate people with fear. Herod doesn’t care if innocent lives are lost as long as he is winning. Herod cannot tolerate his power slipping away.
And no matter what year it is, there always seems to be someone taking their cues from the history of this King who has a central role in the story of Epiphany, the day Jesus was revealed to the magi, the day we celebrate and remember today, January 6.
The magi presented gifts to Jesus and then left by another road. They resisted Herod.
Today, I am praying for an epiphany that illuminates people with the courage and conviction needed to go another way—
to pivot from theories to truth,
from lies to integrity,
from the evil of white supremacy to the reality of all people made in God’s image,
from injustice to justice,
from worshipping the golden calf of party or person to loving God with one’s all,
from love of self to love of neighbor,
and from violence to peace.
Will you please pray with me throughout this day?
Yes, and Amen. You, too?

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