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What’s for Dinner after General Conference?

May 19, 2016

I wish now I’d taken a picture of it.

Earlier this week I was following my Google Map’s voice, on my way to work on a project for our local Annual Conference coming up in three weeks.

That voice kept interrupting my conversations with some friends about General Conference. It’s our denomination’s global once-every-four-years legislative body that’s meeting in Portland through tomorrow. The people elected to represent the millions of United Methodist Christians make decisions about church policy and such. General Conference is the only official voice to speak for all of us.

This one, like the one before it, has been particularly contentious. That’s what my friends, both clergy and laity, were discussing as we were hoping for a way forward.

Then I saw it.

It made me smile, even laugh out loud.

It reminded me of a significant truth about Christ’s Holy Church.

It was a sign.

No, not that kind of sign, you know me better than that! This was quite literally a sign, hand written in giant letters with a black marker on the back of what was obviously like a Pepsi or Bud Light banner.

Then I saw another.

And still another.

There were these banners inviting one and all to an event. I was so excited I called Patty to see if she wanted to go. She reminded me that she’d be out of town and I was booked that evening.

The sign said this:

Midland Methodist Church

Chicken Dinner This Fri 5-7pm

The sign reminded me of several things, including the strength of our United Methodist Churches and what an honor it is to be in ministry with such people.

The sign pointed me back to the groundwork of the work of God that’s waaaaay this side of factions and fractions and not-fun-frictions in places like Portland.

I wish I’d taken a picture of it to show you!

See you back here tomorrow. Meanwhile, please keep everyone involved in General Conference in your prayers.

And if you’re anywhere near Midland, I know a great place to go for Chicken Dinner tomorrow evening.

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