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Hear That?

March 24, 2015

We were having a great time, both of us driving and talking on our phones.

We were using the appropriate, legal hands-free devices.

We were having an intense conversation.

But then we weren’t.

One of us drove through a dead zone. We lost connection and I couldn’t hear her voice.

Same thing happens with us and Christ.  My sheep hear my voice, he says in John 10:27, and another translation says My sheep listen to my voice.

But then we don’t.

We go through some kind of dead zone in our lives.  We lose connection.  Suddenly we realize we don’t hear his voice anymore, or maybe it’s that we don’t listen.

We have to get reconnected.

The good news is that we can.

She and I reconnected and resumed our conversation.

Our Lord and Savior and Best Friend wants to reconnect with us today, too.

Do we hear?

Are we listening?


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