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Ash Wednesday, One Week Later

February 29, 2012

How’s your season of the Gospel called Lent coming along so far?

One week after accepting The Sign of The Cross, what difference did it make?

Are you giving something up for Lent?

That last question…wow…Richard Rohr writes in his book Simplicity,

“Jesus went into the wilderness and made himself empty.

…Of course, emptiness in and of itself isn’t enough.

The point of emptiness is to get ourselves out of the way

so that Christ can fill us up.”

Again, how’s your season of the Gospel called Lent coming along so far?

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  1. Janet permalink

    Some have suggested that instead of giving something up add something in-like a random acts of kindness. We are trying this. It feels good!


  2. Jane permalink

    I am trying to do a random act of kindness each day. It’s very meaningful but challenging.


  3. Nanette Traband permalink

    I am still limited in my interactions and have taken up a task I have been pushing up that will make me more independently mobile. I am exercising by walking the water at the Y three times a week. It will not only strengthen and build muscle in my leg, it will also improve and continue my weight loss and build self-confidence. Taking it up as a Lenten challenge strengthens the resolve. I can pray and pray, but He expects me to meet him. Like the joke about the prayer to win the lottery, I have to buy the ticket!


  4. one week into lent………….i flunk at lent. every year it seems like all the attempts at emptying and reflection point to spiritual ADD. catching myself somewhere along week two, realizing 40 days is only a time factor in my life, i recommence……..finding grace, grace, marvelous grace.

    throw in the child with mono and oh well.


    • In less than an hour I’m preaching at a Lenten Afternoon Service. Guess what my topic is? Yup: grace.

      Check out Matt. 6:16-18 and then for sure Matt. 11:28-30. Yup: grace.


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