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Lighten Up, It’s Time

December 5, 2011

Christmas lights are everywhere:

on Christmas trees,

in front yards,

on porches,

in house windows,

in downtowns,

in stores at malls,

and —if you look— in the eyes of people all around you.

Let’s think together for several days about Christmas lights.  Leave a message here and let me know what some of your favorites are and why.

And I’ll see you back here soon.

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  1. Waylon permalink

    I like the old fashion colored lights with the big energy sucking bulbs. The ones that are actually made of glass. They put off a much nicer glow than the mini-bulbs do.


  2. Lawn angels, outlined in white bulbs


  3. Janet Longtin permalink

    I love twinkling icicles, this year I have a tree that is so pretty with it’s lights that I am not sure I want to put ornaments on it!


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