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Next Time You See a Santa, See 1.2 Million Kids, Too.

December 6, 2011
According to today’s reading in a great devotional book Tony Campolo recommends, Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, Dec. 6 is Feast of St. Nicholas Day.  
Two certainties are that he entrusted himself to Jesus Christ at an early age and that when his parents died he gave his inheritance to help the poor.
 We’re told that while serving as Bishop he learned of three girls who were going to be sold into slavery by their father.  Bishop Nicholas prayed and chose to use some of his church’s wealth to ransom them.

Anonymously, he tossed three bags of gold through the window of the family’s home.

Thus began the legend of the embodiment of generosity known as Saint Nicholas, whose name came to be pronounced Santa Claus.

As we get ready for this Christmas, I wonder what that original St. Nick would say about the 1.2 million children who have been bought, sold and traded this year in the global sex trade.

Real kids.

Like the ones for whom you and I are buying Christmas gifts.

What would St. Nicholas do about those 1.2 million kids?

And what would he tell us to do?

See you back here soon, and I promise to be more cheer-y.

Meanwhile, next time we see a Santa,  let’s see those three girls then and the 1.2 million kids today, too.

And remember what the original St. Nick would do to help them.  And why.

May we find a way to make a difference, too.

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  1. Naomi Roberts permalink

    Yes, Joe, I often think of the little girls I met in Cambodia, who cry all night for their mothers, because they were stolen and sold into sex-slavery. Children as young as five years old. Babies really. The best gift we can give any child this Christmas is the gift of ourselves. Spend some quality time with a child, so they know they are loved.


  2. and we don’t even have to think so far away. there are plenty of foster kids (and other less fortunate children) right in our own neighborhoods. thanks for the reminder!


  3. Nina Morwell permalink

    Here is a website with more information on sex slavery. There is, among other things, a store, where the proceeds are used to help rescue children. My daughter told me about it.


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