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CLUB 444: Yes, Traditional.

August 16, 2022

Drew McIntyre wrote this, and yeah wow —-

Every church and denomination believes it is “just following the Bible.”

It is considered good church marketing today to downplay the denomination or tradition of one’s church. It may be good marketing, but I find it dishonest.

There is no traditionless Christianity. Even forms of Christianity that claim to be non-denominational, or just “Bible Churches” are in a tradition.

The only question is whether we are conscious of our tradition or not. There are lots of churches that appear hip, modern, and progressive and then you dig down into their doctrine and you discover, for instance, that they don’t believe women can be pastors or even serve as lay leaders.

There is no traditionless Christianity.

Discover your story and celebrate your story. There are many beautiful traditions within Christianity – but the story that we have no story is a lie.

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