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I Don’t Quit Until

April 21, 2021

Don’t just do the minimum

that will get you by.

Do your best. 

— Colossians 3:23, 24 The Message version

Son LJ4 started a new full-time job recently and reports it’s going great.

When I asked him the secret of his success he said this —

“I don’t quit until I’m done.”

— and he gave me his gracious permission to share it with you here.

That excellent advice is applicable in many situations both work-related and otherwise.

He and I will leave the exact application up to you, but let’s approach life with LJ4’s attitude of not quitting until we’re done.



Pop Quiz: What would it mean mean for you to say, “I don’t quit until I’m done” right now, later this week, and beyond?

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