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More than Leaning In

April 20, 2021

Friend Rebecca Hoit Humes has graciously given me her expressed permission to share this with you —-

I have a walking stick and a bandanna belonged to my Mr Honey.

He had it with him when our Lord called him home.

I keep these treasures right outside my bedroom door.

At night when I go to bed I reach out and touch it…silly…I know.

Somehow when I feel this walking stick on my fingers I feel closer to him.

Then I’m reminded…how much Mr Honey depended on this old stick…see…he had degenerative hip disease and he really leaned heavily and depended on this stick.

But he also depended on his God to guide his steps…just as I do.

What are you leaning on?
What are you trusting in?
Is it trust worthy?
Or is it just decoration?

Today, as you go about this Friday…
look around and see where your trust is anchored.

Is it in primary knowledge or secondary knowledge of the Bible?

Do you know only what man has told you? That’s secondary knowledge.

Is it primary knowledge? That means you’ve read it for yourself!
Primary knowledge ends all conflict…it’s completely empowering…it’s unadulterated…it’s TRUTH!

May today bring you abundant primary knowledge and deep peace of all God is doing in your life!

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