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Your Everyday Happiness

January 22, 2020

These nine are from a site called Becoming Minimalist. Whole lotta truth packed in here. I’d like to share one every other day or so with you, filtered through Scripture, for your consideration and application —

9. Find Happiness in Your Every Day.
Happiness is not something to be pursued, it is something to be discovered and recognized. If you are expecting to find happiness after _____ changes, you will never discover it.

The hardest truth to grasp about happiness is also the most promising: It can be experienced each day regardless of your current lot in life.

As Thomas Kinkade once said, “True simplicity begins when you learn to enjoy the amazing abundance of what is already yours.”

If you want to learn how to enjoy life and craft something you do not need to escape from, you can do so.

It may require you to change your mindset, your pursuits, or where you focus your energy, but it is always worth it.

— Christ Jesus: “I came so (you) can have real and eternal life, more and better life than (you) ever dreamed.” (John 10:10b)

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