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All Your Anxiety

January 23, 2020

I won’t bore you with how many revisions this has had today. Just know that my Editor, also known as Martin (the puppy who lets us live with him) has been working overtime this morning. He probably needs a nap.

More than a handful of my friends are having an extra-difficult time this winter, for a frighteningly wide variety of reasons, all of them real.

We’ve been given a prescription, and it starts with

Cast all your anxiety on God.

That’s not something I saw on a t-shirt. It’s from 1st Peter 5:7.

Its opening verb is an inviting command to not just politely and quietly “leave” anxiety with God, but to “throw” or “heave” or even “shed” our anxietyCast all your anxiety on God.

God’s inclusive nature, love, and grace are on display once again: all your anxiety. I have it on good authority that all means all.

Cast all your anxiety on God sounds good, but can be tricky, problematic, or even seem impossible. When we’re deep in the midst and the muck of a bad season, there’s little to no sunshine while walking through a valley filled with innumerable shadows. We forget things.

We forget things like the rest of that verse, which can give us solid footing on slippery seasons. We’ll get there tomorrow.

For today, let’s focus on, and remind one another of, what our Lord welcomes us to do in 1st Peter 5:7  —

Cast all your anxiety on God

— and maybe part of that involves talking with a caring and well-trained professional who can listen and help you.

Such Christian counselors and therapists do exist, and are immeasurably helpful. Ask a pastor for a recommendation; most of us know at least one, and many of us have been helped by them.

I know it can be a daunting task to reach out like that. I also know it can be a life preserver when drowning.

You’re worth effort.

Looking foward to seeing you back here tomorrow!



Sometimes a light surprises
The Christian while he sings;
It is the Lord, who rises
With healing in His wings:
When comforts are declining,
He grants the soul again
A season of clear shining,
to cheer it after rain.

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