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For Reminders from People

November 2, 2018

Today I’m thankful for reminders from people.

Spending this month on Being Thankful. Let’s you and me be intentional about letting Thanksgiving spill over beyond that one day later this month to at least five days a week. Deal?

We’re four days away from an election in our country. (Patty and I voted last week, thank you.) Let me be clear: my blog’s intent is not an overtly partisan political one. Before I retired, while serving churches while under appointment, what I always said was that “there [are] plenty of other preachers telling people how to vote, but what I’m telling you is simply ‘VOTE.’ I’ve been in places where people couldn’t vote; let’s not ever dare to take this right for granted.”

That said, what I’m about to share was written by someone who was an active youth in a church it was my joy to pastor. It’s about another youth who was also active in that same church. I’ve eliminated names and dates and places in my effort to keep my humble blog non-partisan.

So lemme get out of the way —

“You know how people always seem to remember all the terrible things about politicians they’ve known for years, a week before the vote? Well I decided it’d be better to tell positive stories of people I know who are running for office, the week before the election.

“XXX and I went to the same church growing up. We haven’t seen each other in years now, but we were in the same youth group, and we went to the same church camp, Little Grassy, every year.

“XXX was always the guy everyone wanted in their group. He sang and acted and told funny jokes in the talent shows. He knew everyone. Everyone was his friend.

“I was shy and not very outgoing. XXX ALWAYS went out of his way to make me feel welcome and like I belonged when he saw me.

“He’d pull me upfront with him to sing duets, and one year, we even ended up in the same camp “family” and when he saw that I was there he said, ‘Oh, good, you’re here. We’re going to call ourselves the Von Trapp family because that guy over there has a guitar.’

“Who wants to vote against a Von Trapp? Literally no one, last time I checked. So go out Tuesday, if you haven’t voted already, and cast your ballot.”

— Love that.

Love the writer and that person running for office.

Love all who helped make church camp experiences so positive.

Today I’m thankful for reminders from people.

You, too?




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