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For Coach Lindsay Burton & Her “Find Things to Be Thankful For”

November 3, 2018

Lindsay Burton is a math teacher and basketball coach. It was my joy to be her pastor when I was served her church. 

She wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and it’s with her expressed gracious permission that I share it with you today — 

Almost every Thursday I have my girls on the basketball team do “Thankful Thursday”, something I brought back from playing college basketball. On Thursday I have my girls give back to the school or community in various ways such as writing letters to teachers or other sports teams.

I always wonder if my girls truly grasp the idea of “Thankful Thursday”, or if they think it’s just something I make them do.

I want them to realize that being on my basketball team means so much more than just playing basketball. It’s about growing individually and as a team.

Basketball will end one day, but the things you take away from it will be the things that matter most.

Two of my girls gave me a thankful Thursday today, and I am so touched, not because it’s to me, but because they are learning to find things to be thankful for outside of basketball.

Some days I wonder if the things I teach my girls truly make a difference, and this note from my girls is all the proof I need. God is so good.

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— Spending this month on Being Thankful. Let’s you and me be intentional about letting Thanksgiving spill over beyond that one day later this month to at least five days a week. Deal?

Today I’m thankful for Coach Lindsay Burton and her “Find Something to Be Thankful For” leadership and example.

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