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Drowning in Spiritual Gatorade

January 23, 2018

From 4 days ago: The red light was on. The humidifier needed water. As I was taking care of it, an old song floated through me: “Fill my cup, Lord…I lift it up, Lord…come and quench this thirsting of my soul.”

The NFL players come off the field to the sideline.

Some head for the bench, some stand alone, some find another player to talk with or yell at, some go to their coach.

All of them have people with Gatorade bottles around them ready to rehydrate them.

It’d be weird to see a player grab one bottle after, drain about five down his throat, and then complain of still being thirsty.

Stranger yet would be to see that same player not want to get back onto the field.

But that’s what some of us have done: gone from a small group to a Bible Study to a worship service to a new book to an accountability partner to a dvd study to whatever the latest hot trend in Consumer Christianity might be…and then we still complain of our souls not getting what we think we need…and worse, we turn away from the playing field.

That classic chorus we’re thinking about here for a couple of days points not to endless activity. It directs us to being aware of our Lord’s presence. It then leads us to be expectantly still long enough to experience God’s willingness to quench this thirsting of my soul.

So, where are you in all of this today? Running off the field, breathless? Having your soul’s thirst quenched, or looking for a never-ending supply of spiritual Gatorade from someone? Ready to get back into the action, or looking longingly towards the locker room before the game’s over?

Even more importantly, where does our Lord want you right now?

See you back here tomorrow.



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