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Insatiable in Appetite

January 24, 2018

From 5 days ago: The red light was on. The humidifier needed water. As I was taking care of it, an old song floated through me: “Fill my cup, Lord…I lift it up, Lord…come and quench this thirsting of my soul.”

Last evening I was at a St. Louis Bread Company (yup, Panera Bread Company elsewhere).

Saw these magnificent enormous loaves by the register and whipped out my phone for a photo —

— and they smelled even better than they looked.

And right then and there, while I was talking with Cassidy the Cashier, they reminded me of the next part of our song this week:

Bread of heaven, 

fill me ’til I want no more

When’s the last time you or I said that to Christ Jesus?

When’s the last time we were, to borrow a phrase from a classic rock song, “insatiable in appetite” with our desire for Christ, and The Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom, and the Kin-dom, and all the other riches of God’s grace?

Dare we even sing that innocent, happy little worship chorus once we realize the severity of it?

Come on, be honest, Fill me ’til I want no more of the Bread of heaven?

I mean, really now?!


By the grace of God, may this little chorus haunt and even taunt you and me today….

See you back here tomorrow.



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