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Magdalene: Wait

May 27, 2017

[PLEASE NOTE: this is the fourth and final blog in my “Magdalene” series, so if you haven’t read the first three simply scroll down and you can easily catch up]

The one who is redeemed is set on a path of learning and relearning, of claiming and releasing that has no end:

“I know you think you already know but—


Longer than that.

even longer than that.”

— Corporations and consultants alike encourage what critic Amy Frykohm calls “a path of learning and relearning.”  They want leaders to be lifelong learners.

The Magdalene’s path involves what poet Marie Howe here simply summarizes with the four letter word “Wait.”

Anybody else find that a difficult discipline?

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  1. Waiting is endless! At least that’s my experience.


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