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That Sinner of a Pope

May 26, 2017

He was Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Now he is Pope Francis.

In his first interview after being elected, he said, “I am a sinner. This is the most accurate definition (of who I am). It is not a figure of speech.”

St. Paul wrote, “All of us have sinned, everyone has. We’ve all fallen short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23,24)

Thank God that’s not the end.

For a long time I’ve thought we ought to include a chance for us to address this in worship. In my case it sounds like this: “Hi, my name’s Joe, and I’m a sinner, saved by God’s grace in Christ.”

Jorge and I — sorry, forgot — Pope Francis and I are sooooo on the same page.

Gratefully so.



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  1. Amen! It’s just that those Pharisees keep dumping guilt on us as they tout their “guiltless” souls to the masses. (Forgive me if it sounds hateful, I have really let go of the hate, it’s the frustration I can’t shake.)


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