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Why Pray?

February 17, 2016

I saw a refrigerator magnet in someone’s kitchen that I just gotta share with you.

This family had been going through some rough stuff.

And not just recently.

The kind of things that aren’t easily fixable, if they’re fixable at all.

Other people, including you and me if we’re honest, would have given up.

Or started looking for someone to blame.

But right there in the kitchen was the foundation of the home.

On the front of the refrigerator.

Framed in a little yellow plastic square.

These words: “Why pray when you can worry?”

I loved that question, and when I stopped chuckling the seriousness of it hit me.

Flip that funny little plastic refrigerator magnet’s ironic question around and you find the basis for the sustainable faith that gives this family stability. Cast all your anxiety on God, because he cares for yousays 1st Peter 5:7.

Indeed, “Why worry when you can pray?”

…but I still love the clever brilliance of the original question: “Why pray when you can worry?”

See you back here tomorrow.

And meanwhile, let’s pray more and worry less. 





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  1. Debbie permalink

    The first phrase”why pray when you can worry” sure fits some of us easier than the way it should be!
    But I already shared this with someone who said she’d like to give anxiety up for Lent.
    “Why worry when you can pray”


  2. The quote, “If you pray, why worry” is one I picked up in a “group” somewhere, it is written in the front of the well-worn cover of their little book. Without that phrase, can you imagine where I (me, I) would be??? If the doubt or worry enters in, my clinical depressions starts to take a nosedive so the alternative to worry is my BEST option! “Why worry when you can pray!”


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