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One Day You Get Sick and You Don’t Get Better

February 16, 2016

They’re all around us.

Maybe even one of us.

“Like my friend John Mellencamp would sing,” Bob Dylan said last week, “‘one day you get sick and you don’t get better.’ That’s from a song of his called Life is Short Even on Its Longest Days.”

Tons packed in that line and that title…‘one day you get sick and you don’t get better’Life is Short Even on Its Longest Days…succinct summaries of so much for so many.

I’d love to hear from you about this, in any of the usual ways people connect now.




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  1. I have a very good, dear friend in South Carolina, she was my ONLY good friend the two years I lived there. We moved in two doors from each other the same month. She showed up with her kids in tow one Saturday morning, with her coffee mug and instant coffee in hand and said, “our kids look the same age, can they play?” and in they all came. Rarely a day went by that we weren’t having coffee and talking for hours. On her husband’s six-month deployments and she needed something my husband was interchangeable. We have remained close.

    Twelve years ago, she had breast cancer. At biopsy, they operated and declared margins clear. Two weeks later, they operated again to clear the margins they said were clear. After horrendous chemo and radiation and second degree burns on her abdomen (long story) and five years, she was declared cancer-free. She had taken the BRA-CA test after her sister was diagnosed and before she was. It was a bad omen in the health prediction field.

    In October, she let me know that it was back, but in her blood. The docs said, “No big deal. We can’t get rid of it, but we can treat it. We treat and you live.” They didn’t tell her right away that it had metastasized to her bones. I watched my father-in-law and the bone pain is awful. Karen, my friend, has a VERY high tolerance level for pain, she didn’t even take a pain pill in the ordeal above. We talked last week, she is in a GREAT deal of pain. If I am a wimp when it comes to pain, Karen is a GIANT. If she is talking about being in pain, it has to be untenable for the normal person. She is now taking chemo. It is in pill form, but each month, she has to have shots once a month first. The military (her husband is retired Navy and she was Navy before the second child was born) won’t pay for the shots and her husband in his second career as a deputy sheriff won’t be retiring as planned as the weight of those shots is awful.

    I asked, “And, how long do you have to do this?” She said, “Until I don’t want to anymore,”. Did I mention she also has great Faith? She continued, “but, Lilly (her daughter) isn’t comfortable with the fact that I am not at all afraid of the alternative.” Lilly’s faith, not so great. I know that Karen is ready, but, like Lilly, I’m not! “‘one day you get sick and you don’t get better’…Life is Short Even on Its Longest Days”! Got to put that in the next card to her or conversation we have. Maybe she can give Dylan’s words to Lilly. However, like Lilly, I am going to need them just as much!!!! even she walks those Golden streets without me!

    ‘one day you get sick and you don’t get better’…Life is Short Even on Its Longest Days


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