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What’s The Message?

January 23, 2016

Several have asked me about The Message Version of the Bible which we enjoyed here the last couple of days as it made Psalm 1 fresh.

Here’s some of the backstory from Gene Peterson, its writer —

“I began to realize that the people in my church weren’t feeling the vitality and directness that I sensed as I read and studied the New Testament in its original Greek. Writing straight from the original text, I began to attempt to bring into English the rhythms and idioms of the original language.

“I knew that the early readers of the New Testament were captured and engaged by these writings and I wanted my congregation to be impacted in the same way.

“I hoped to bring the New Testament to life for two different types of people: those who hadn’t read the Bible because it seemed too distant and irrelevant and those who had read the Bible so much that it had become ‘old hat.'”

— Is it a perfect version? No.

Is it the only Bible I read and study? No.

But I sure find it helpful. Hope you do, too.

See you back here tomorrow!


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