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Real Power Walking

September 26, 2015

It’s in a print ad.

In lotsa magazines.

And it’s a great line!

It starts this way — “Joy will take you further.”

You and I have stories that prove that true. Real life stories. Things that we know happened.

“Joy will take you further” than bitterness and anger and other easy-to-get-stuck-in thoughts and feelings. Things that become destructive to all involved, including ourselves, will not take us “further.”

“Joy will take you further.”

I love that line.

It’s just too bad it’s not in ad for a church or something…it’s advertising a bottle of premium scotch.

The entire line goes like this: “Joy will take you further. Keep walking.”

Somewhere along the way I’ve learned that “all truth is God’s truth,” and this applies here.

Long ago, Isaiah proclaimed that God’s people will walk and not grow weary. (Isaiah 40:31)

Remind yourself and someone else today of these two truths and this one instruction:

God’s people will walk and not grow weary,

and “Joy will take you further.”

So “keep walking.”


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