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Stretch and Warm Up Your Faith

September 21, 2014

Two Weeks Ago, right here:

“Are your Sundays missing something?” asks an ad for an NFL tv package.

Hebrews 10:25 makes the same point as that ad’s question.

Don’t cheat yourself out of the opportunity to get together with other people of Christian faith for a warm-up session, a coaching session, the chance to look at game films and even run drills.  More about each of those in weekends to come.

For today, just that one inviting question: “Are your Sundays missing something?”


Don’t cheat yourself out of a Warm-Up Session.

This coming week we and our Christian faith will need to be on both the offense and defense.

We’d better be ready to get into the game that really matters.

We have a Coach who calls us all off the bench, saying, “Go! I am sending you out into the world!”  (Luke 10:3)

It’s time to get together with other people of Christ to stretch and warm up.

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  1. I don’t make many together times, but I am working on those muscles every day! But, you left out the most important part of Luke 3:10. He not only sends us out, he sends us out as sheep amongst wolves! We are a tasty treat. Because of this, I am about to break with a friend who is being brainwashed by someone using scripture to push him to violence to regain control of our country. He asked me to listen to these tapes and I did. It is an evil interpretation of scripture. It is no wonder so few people go to polls to vote, when they are being drilled that voting is not a means of change, change can only come through arms. I do find myself beating my head against a wall (he was a friend of my brother Steve’s). I hate to walk away, but nothing I quote has any effect and I am called a sheep. Isn’t that what I am supposed to be? Who put the wolves in charge? LOL I was off the computer most of the weekend (my coveted non-technology days)!


  2. Enjoy those “coveted non-technology days,” I hear ya with that!

    What you’re talking about with “the wolves” being in charge…sometimes it seems like they always have been….


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