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It’s Just One Word

October 17, 2012

“Surely….” —Psalm 23:6

Our Psalm’s last verse opens like a case of fireworks exploding in the back seat of your car.

In place of uncertainty and doubt, Psalm 23:6 gives us the unequivicable.

Many of us memorized this as the simple word “Surely.”

Other translations read “Yes” and “Only.”

It’s just one word…but what a word!

That deceptively simple first word sets up the rest of the verse, which is about the never-ending love and care of God.  Do you wonder about that sometimes?  Does it feel like God might have forgotten you?

The opening word reminds of the certainty of what follows: God’s goodness and kindness.  More about that tomorrow.

Today, no matter what else you wonder about and question, remember the confidence with which this verse starts.

“Surely” you can do that.

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  1. Nanette permalink

    You’re right! What a word!!


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