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Which Direction Today?

June 13, 2012

You’re in the passenger seat.

Your friend turns the ignition key.

Your friend shifts out of Park and into Drive.

Your friend turns towards you, keeps turning, and tromps on the accelerator while looking backwards.

The car shoots forward.

What’s wrong with this picture?  Easy answer: your friend’s driving forward while looking backward.

What could your friend do instead?  Look forward, in the direction the car is moving.

What’s familiar about this picture?  Painful answer: you and I’ve done that same thing with our lives.

What could you and I do instead? Look forward, in the direction our lives are moving.

Now…you’re in the driver’s seat, turning the ignition key and it’s time to shift.

Reverse…or Drive?

“I’ve got my eye on the goal,

where God is beckoning us onward — to Jesus. 

I‘m off and running, and I’m not turning back.”

(Philippians 3:13, 14, The Message version, by Gene Peterson)


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  2. Joe – Jeff reminded me of this lesson bike riding – check on my Facebook note on it if you’d like…


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