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Wanna Get Together?

June 9, 2012

“See how good and healthy it is when Christ’s family gets together!”

—Psalm 133:1, RDSV

This time, I wasn’t there.  I missed Annual Conference.

The first full week in Physical Therapy for my broken ankle was coinciding with it.

When I called our District Superintendent’s office to discuss options, it turned out I was already on the list of those excused for medical reasons.  Id’ been seen trying to walk.  The advice was to get to PT, follow directions and get better.

Thanks to the proverbial wonders of modern technology, I was able to both see and hear the Conference proceedings this week.  The online streaming was indeed a blessing.

But it wasn’t the same.

I was an observer rather than a participant.

These past several days gave me a new understanding of the New Testament concept of being “doers, not just hearers only.”

Today, I’m looking forward to Annual Conference 2013.  I’m going to enjoy being there in ways that I never have before.

There’s just something special that happens when we get together.

As Christ Jesus promised, “Whenever 2 or 3 of you gather in my name, there am I in the midst of you.”   He wasn’t kidding.  Like never before, I believe Him.

You and I don’t have to wait an entire year, though.  We can get together with sistesr and brothers in Christ much sooner than that.  In fact, I have one of those opportunities later today.

How about you?

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  1. My sentiment and thoughts exactly Joe!!!! I did lay out wine and bread on the table last night during the ordination service and took it with everyone else… I missed the sacramental ministry of annual conference enormously. To be served after being the servant serving is a special blessing. God and both our broken ankles willing we’ll be there in 2013.


    • Mike — Thanks for reading and commenting both! By the grace of God, we shall indeed be there in 2013, echoing Psalm 133:1.


  2. I looked around the room in Peoria. My one time pastor was no where to be found. Seems strange to not see someone that you have known. But I also realized that with out you there, the conference still went on; votes were taken; and sermons delivered. This is in no way an insult to you. But it just seems to point out that God’s business still gets done. I think that as you look back on everything that has gone on with you having a broken ankle, you will still find those times when you hear the thunder of God’s words in the silence; when your looking at being a man of God does not always mean standing; and as with the writers of old, if what is put down is from God-those that read it receive God in a nonverbal way.


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