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See You at The Table

June 10, 2012

John Hackmann, our Associate Pastor, was ordained Friday evening at Annual Conference.

This is a big deal.  A very big deal.  Our church is thrilled for him and proud of him!

The serivce took place in Peoria.  Not too many could get there, including me with my ankle problem.

But 34 of us gathered in our sanctuary to watch the service on our screens, streaming live and it was exciting.

In the course of worship, Bishop Huie from Texas preached about gathering around tables.  She was speaking of inclusion, Holy Communion, evangelism, outreach and love.

When it was time to share in The Sacrament of Holy Communion in Peoria, and onscreen in Effingham, it fell to me as pastor to offer guidance.  I simply reminded everyone of what the Bishop had said in her sermon about tables, and reminded them of our Snack Table in our Connection Area at the rear of our sanctuary.

Everyone got up and moved there.  Amid cold drinks and cookies and veggies and popcorn being shared, stories and memories and dreams were shared.

Apart from Confirmation or aBible Study class, I think I fielded more theological questions during that time than any other time in my ministry.

It was delightful!  And it fit perfectly with what Bishop Huie had preached.  And it fit perfectly with what our group needed.  And most importantly, it fit perfectly with The Gospel of Christ Jesus.

Who are you going to meet soon, and around what table?

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  1. Wonderful evening and so proud of John.


  2. Michael permalink

    At the Detroit Annual conference this year they ordained… no one.Zero ordinations. Is there a trend?


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