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Holy Saturday (…but, aren’t they all?!)

April 7, 2012

You pushed the elevator button.  You wait.

You listened to the greeting on the voice mail, next will come the beep.  You wait.

You moved the tap at the sink from cold water to hot.  You wait.

You took something for your headache.  You wait.

You stand between Good Friday and Easter.  You wait.

It’s Holy Saturday.

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  1. Janet permalink

    After the very moving cantata at our church, would you believe that I forgot all about our Good Friday services! Not until late Friday evening did I even remember that it was Good Friday. I felt so ashamed, maybe like the disciples felt in the garden when Jesus found them sleeping. Thank God that his love for me does not depend on my response to him. Forgive me Lord, I revel in your love and grace.


    • Janet, I have no trouble believing that someone forgot something this week — we only have 8 services scheduled over a 5 day period, after all…! And I love your last line; I, too, “revel” in that.


  2. debbie permalink

    Didn’t forget. Attended 12:10 service with John McIntosh 1St Normal also with Mom and Dad and Larry. Waiting today with family. Good services leading up to tomorrow! Happy Easter.


  3. Nina Morwell permalink

    The Ministerial Association here put on the Good Friday service: 7 different preachers, each preaching on one of the 7 Last Words of Christ. 7 different styles, all the same message: the outrageous love of God for all of us.


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