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The View from a Grocery Store Courtesy Clerk (you’ll love this)

December 30, 2022

George Newton, to whose resume I would do a grave injustice were I to even attempt to summarize it, is a Certified Lay Speaker who’s part of Team Wanda. (If that’s new nomenclature, ask me; happy to explain and brag on all that.) George recently wrote this, and it’s with the carte blanche that he graciously gifted me some time ago that I share it with you here. You’re in for a treat

George, are you now an Undercover Boss?” Not really.

Though I am a courtesy clerk at Dierbergs Grocery. Hired as seasonal in mid November. Will possibly stay on after holidays. Only 15-20 hours/week. No week ends. Days only. Bagging groceries and retrieving shopping carts from parking lot.

When hired asked “why do you want to be a Courtesy Clerk at Dierbergs?” My answer, “I like people” Seems to fit job description. You think?!

When told, “This is how much it pays” My answer, “I did not come for the rate of pay.”

So why did I come to work. Well, for one, it has given me a chance to connect with others.  People of all ages and backgrounds. Young children the best.

Typical conversation with a 6 year old boy during Christmas season when I asked, “Who is the most famous reindeer of all” “Rudolph of course”  “Why?”  “Rudolph  has a song and a red nose” replied this young boy. “Well, I said,”Santa has a song and a red nose too” “Ya”, the boy said, “But can he fly”. Had me there.

I spoke to his mom as she finished checking out. “If I could bottle the smile on your young child’s face I would build a promotional display throughout the store. It would bring joy to all.”

In a short time at the Big D. I have come to know many of the checkout operators by name and by the struggles some have shared. I also like the connection with young students going to high school or college and their hopes for the future in studying Biology, Law, English, Business….And I definitely enjoy the connection with  customers. All customers. Sometimes with something as simple as a smile. 

In helping customers I have come to be more appreciative of the blessing the Lord has given me for good health. An appreciation the result of connecting  with those needing  motorized carts.

With all this said there is one  person I have not connected with.  Neither has any of the front line employees. A shame. I know that technical skills can be taught and business acumen can be developed over time. I am not too sure emotional intelligence can be taught or developed, the key ingredient to effective leadership.

But then, what do I know, I am just a Courtesy Clerk. 

And happy to be one


Finally I have come to have a deeper respect for all Courtesy Clerks who retrieve carts. Photo tells why.

I arrived early to work with wind chill of minus 35 degrees. I do not connect with a minus. I like life on the plus side. In a short of connectional way. If you know what I mean. 

Happy New Year to all. Stay connected 



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