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The Key Word Christ Jesus Used for You

July 16, 2022

Blessed are you when this and when that and when something else.

You probably know what comes next. We’ve heard the lines, we’ve read the lines, we probably even know a few of the lines.

Lines that Christ Jesus spoke in Matthew 5.

That first word is key to all the rest.

Let’s review what it really means.

In the original language of our New Testament, that first word is makarios. It’s pronounced “Muh-CAR-ee-ohs.”

[Warning: a moment of silliness is about to ensue.] Say “Muh-CAR-ee-ohs” out loud a couple of times, get comfortable with it, and then toss it into conversation. When someone asks what it means, you can say that you’re not sure because “it’s all Greek” you. [Okay, give it an smiling eyeroll. Silliness over.]

That word conveyed contentment, fulfillment, satisfaction, completion and more.

When he uses it at the start of this section, he’s saying that he’s going to tell how we can be content, fulfilled, and…and, well, blessed.

Let’s start there tomorrow.

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