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She’s Not The Only One

June 11, 2022

Ariana Frelan wrote all of this several weeks ago. See if it resonates with you – –

“Where do you want to see yourself in five years?”

It is a question I have kept asking myself these past few months.

Until last year, I think I just went with the flow of social media, studying ways to circumvent the algorithm, completely focused on growing a platform and online community. I found some success. A handful of viral posts, a Facebook community that grew by tens of thousands in just a matter of months, and published pieces on various sites.

But for what? To what end would social media serve me more than I served it?

Last year, I essentially quit writing. My pace had already slowed, but the words seemed to just dry up. And I think many of you have even felt or understood my constant struggle with balance and social media.

Being a mom of four, a wife, homeschooling, involved in various ministries, traveling to family back and forth, and somehow finding time for real-life friendship, left very little for me to give to any online community. Life in real-time has required all of me. It’s been an all-encompassing journey that I fought so hard against.

Yet in completely pouring myself out I haven’t felt burnt out, resentful, or even empty. Not striving for anything other than simply honoring the Lord with the every day- the people He has placed right in front of me- has left me more fulfilled than ever. This has been the sweetest season of life I’ve ever known- not because it has been without heartache- but because it has been focused on right now. Faithful to the task at hand, not for my glory but His. Not for building and growing communities and platforms, but for nurturing and teaching the little hearts surrounding me. That through my seeking of His Kingdom they might seek His kingdom. Becoming warriors of His truth, grace, and love.

I write all this to simply say, today I am CHOOSING to walk in obedience. To surrender all that I had once strived for to the beautiful, all-encompassing, completely captivating life I live now. Choosing to give the next five years to the great responsibility the Lord has given me, rather than serving the ever-changing whims of social media. Reels, dancing, two-minute videos that take two hours to make, shorter captions (impossible for me), and constantly sharing life on stories are not how I want to spend the next five years.

Practically speaking, that choice looks like no longer pouring time and energy into a page that isn’t serving anyone or any purpose right now. It means I will officially “un-publish” this page- Choosing by Arianna Freelen.

When I began five years ago, I had a two-year-old and a six-month-old. I was freshly twenty-seven, longing for community, with a head full of passions and dreams. This space made quite a few of those dreams come true and gave space to let those passions flourish. But even with the immense good that came from this little corner of the internet, the expectations of social media management only grew. Striving to be relevant to the world left me empty- and looking forward to what these sites will continue to require from creatives, the striving will not cease.

The only striving I hope to do anymore is to seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness. To run with wild abandon towards the cause of Christ. Being faithful to the beautiful task the Lord has granted me through my home and the local community.

Thank you for being here. Whether you have been here from the beginning or you’ve only been here for a short time. Thank you. It has been an honor to share small parts of my life with you.

– – – Well now.

There’s a classic line about being careful we don’t get so busy making a living that we forget to make a life, right?

And isn’t there another about remembering that real life is what happens while we’re making other plans?

And then there’s Psalm 46:10. Check that out. Like so much else today, it’s just a click away.

Apply as needed, but this time maybe not rinse right away.

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