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“And what if I were to lie, tell you everything is fine?”

July 4, 2020

I need to change a couple things

’cause something is missin’

And what if I were to lie,

tell you everything is fine?


[This title, and the previous one, are from the same song as yesterday. If you missed yesterday’s blog, please take a moment and read it now. And I again thank my millennial friend for opening my ears to his current favorite band and this particular song.]

Picking up where we stopped here yesterday, I yield this space to someone much wiser than I’ll ever be, who wrote —

In Christ we, though many, form one body,

and each member belongs to all the others.

(St. Paul, Romans 12:5)

— When one hurts, all suffer.

You and I have people in our lives who are hurting and suffering in ways we cannnot imagine.

Roll all that together with this, written by Amy Noel Green —

“Independence is a strong American ideal. We praise each other for independent thinking. We are often encouraged to act independently without considering the needs of the people around us. It can be challenging to shift our view of independence. But like much of the truth we discover in the Bible, the wisdom of the Kingdom of God is counterintuitive to the wisdom of our culture. (Isaiah 55:8-91 Corinthians 3:18-20)

— I’m really not trying to rain on our COVID-19 Restricted 4th of July Parades!

I’m really inviting you into a handful of five things today.

First, celebrate our freedoms by spending some extra time with those two sentences I highlighted in Amy’s paragraph. Consider them beyond the moment they make you uncomfortable; that’s a good starting point.

Second, join me in hitting the links she gives us for Isaiah 55 and 1st Corinthians 3.

Third, join me in confessing to our Lord that we’ve smiled and moved on rather than get involved…that we’ve changed the channel too quickly…that we’ve ignored Christ when he didn’t look the way we preferred.

Fourth, ask God to help us pay attention today and beyond to people unsure of how to reach out safely for help.

And fifth, as a starting point, ask the Holy Spirit to empower us in our inter-dependence as together we get healthier in significant ways.


I need to change a couple things

’cause something is’ missin

And what if I were to lie,

tell you everything is fine?

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