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BONUS BLOG: 5th of 5 Prayers

June 9, 2020

Liz Auld, writing for, gives us five “prayers for justice in the midst of injustice.”

I offer them here, slightly edited for brevity and inclusion, as starting points —

5. A Prayer for Unity in The Midst of Injustice

Lord, we respond differently to acts of sin — protesting peacefully, protesting angrily; confusion and pain.

Help us to find unity in you, O God. You are the unifying factor because you are the Creator who created us all.

Help us to love as you do, help us to see each other as you do, and help us to forgive one another as you forgive us.

Your love is amazing and unparalleled.

Thank you for Christ Jesus, your example to us of how to love and forgive.

You offer everlasting life to any who believe that Christ Jesus died for sinners.  His resurrected life provides a way for all who believe to know you and be loved by you. You have adopted us into your family.

May our hearts be ignited for your truth and glory, Lord! Lead us to speak your truth in grace and love. Help us to bring hope to the broken-hearted and the angry.

May we find unity at the foot of the cross of Christ, where all are equal. Thank you for hearing our prayers God.

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