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“Your Neighbors are Not the Enemy”

September 4, 2019

Baoku Moses is an online friend I’m looking forward to meeting face to face. He’s a gifted musician who lives in Cincinnati, bringing his wisdom and talent with him everywhere he goes. He recently wrote the following, and I graciously gave me permission to share it with you here —- 

Africans are at work killing Africans again in South Africa, telling Nigerians to get out of their land!

I am always very careful about how l share my opinion on society matters because of so many reasons.

My 1st thought is to ask my Brothers and Sisters in America, what do you say about that? This people “look” exactly alike and are from the same continent, proving my point that HATRED is a global issue not just black and white!

But l am a person that has always known that humans have brains but we don’t think, eyes but we don’t see, ears but we don’t hear, heart but we’re evil, aware but we’re asleep, stupid and ignorant!

Our conditioning and brainwashing keep us everyday from looking at the right place “correctly” and from asking the right questions, we are like dogs always chasing our tails!

Wake up AFRICANS your neighbors are not the enemy – wake up HUMANS we’re ALL in this boat together called LIFE!

What Baoku says isn’t just about Africa. As Christ Jesus says numerous times in the Gospel accounts, “Let the person with ears to hear, hear.”

See Mark 4:13-20 for more.

And I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

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