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We’ve Drawn Lines in the Sand: Not for United Methodist Christians Only

March 20, 2019

Kyle Steward, colleague and real life friend, wrote this as he reflected on General Conference 2019 — 

Have we come for war, or at best a riot.

We have drawn lines in the sand. Yet we’ve been drawing them for so long and in similar places that the lines are beginning to look more like trenches.
We fire words like bullets, hoping to hit “them” more than they hit “us”.
We throw our histories, scholars, and scriptures like Molotov cocktails. Let it hit and watch it burn.

But we didn’t come here to die.

While the battering rams of injustice knock on our door, and the sirens of power hungry oppressors ring out, what do we do?
Do we seek shelter, run and hide? Where do we go? I hope you’ll run in to my arms because I’m running for yours.
Do we stand and fight? And if so, what are our weapons?

I only have space for two rounds here. My first shot is love and it’s followed by grace. And when I aim, it’s straight for your heart. Forgive me if I miss. I hope when you pull the trigger, your ammo is the same.

When the sounds of war ring out, I hope I will be standing next to you. We may be different, you and I. Maybe we can grow old together and play a good game of chess.

If we don’t make it out alive, may we be buried by streams of peace. Let our tombstone be tall trees of justice with roots that grow deep. Cover our grave with lilies of righteousness. And may the mountains of God’s grandeur be the eulogy that is read.

We didn’t come here to die.

But if we do, there is still hope. A resurrection day is coming soon.

Does anybody ever win a war? What do we gain? Who do we lose?

We didn’t come here to die.

Kyle, and so many faithful others like him, remind me of the future.

For whom and for which I am grateful.

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