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When You Have Trouble Hearing God

February 17, 2019

Brent Mustoe is a colleague and friend with whom I go all the way back to my first two years in seminary. You’d absolutely love this guy! He wrote this recently (highlights are mine) and has graciously given me his expressed permission to share it with you —

Went to my audiologist this last week. Got my hearing aids adjusted. They work fine unless I am talking to a soft talker. Even with hearing aids, it’s difficult to hear a soft talker.

This is where my remote for my hearing aids becomes indispensable. With the remote, I can turn up the volume on my hearing aids and hear even the softest soft talker.

I’ll admit, there are times I wish I had a spiritual remote. You know, so I could turn up my spiritual hearing while in prayer.

Want to know a secret? Sometimes while praying, okay a lot of times while in prayer, when I am silently meditating, I hear…nothing. Nada. God is silent.

I hate silence. I suppose that’s why I have so much trouble meditating. I mean, what’s the point if I am just sitting there in silence, listening to my own thoughts.

However, there have been times when I really concentrate while meditating, entering into the scripture I just read, I have felt God’s voice and acted on it.

I wish those times were more consistent in my prayer life. But I don’t think the trouble is God, but rather my inability to listen deeply.

All this does not happen overnight. It takes time to learn to listen deeply as we continue to meditate in prayer.

If we are honest, most of us don’t take time to listen at all. We say our prayers and then get up and leave God hanging. It’s not that God doesn’t speak to us, we just don’t take time to listen.

So let’s turn up our remotes, and spend time listening for God’s voice in meditation, listening quietly, deeply and without distractions.

Don’t give up. Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop a life of prayer.

And who knows, maybe in the stillness of our hearts, we’ll hear the voice of God and act accordingly.


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