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BONUS BLOG: Wintry Mix

February 10, 2019

Christ Jesus talked about a day like this.

Wintry Mix. Sounds so innocent. Maybe even kinda fun, like new flavor of ice cream. I’d like some peppermint in my Wintry Mix, please. In a waffle cone.

But this morning we’re having a Wintry Mix. And it’s definitely not fun, not even kinda.

This particular Wintry Mix brings with it such horribly flavored toppings like iced-over vehicles and driveways and streets and roads and parking lots.

It’s driven our church’s Official Storm Team (a/k/a Storm Troopers) to vote unanimously to cancel our Sunday morning activities. That’s never an easy decision; it’s one the four of us make only after several communications back and forth, and it’s well-fortified with numerous prayerful considerations. And I thank those other three people; they are greatly appreciated.

Christ Jesus talked about a day like this.


He didn’t say much about freezing rain, or snowplows, or ice melt, or anything like that.

But he did say, There’s a day coming when you will be scattered to your own homes. (John 16:32)

One of my favorite messed-up adaptations of Philippians 4:13 is, “I can do all things through a Bible verse ripped out of context.” With that in mind, let’s apply it to John 16:32.

Here we are, unable to gather as the church this morning. And it feels weird.

But it’s normal for way too many Christians, for any number of reasons. Maybe they have a lack of transportation. Or they’re dealing with illness or injury. Or their church has been forced underground by persecution. Or…. Or….

Days when you and I face nothing more than a Wintry Mix, we have nothing to complain about. But it’s so easy to fall into the ditch of those in Psalm 1:1 who do nothing but complain.

On this day of a Wintry Mix, when we’re scattered to (our) own homes, if I could assign homework, it’d be along these lines —

1. What does God promise us in Psalm 1?

2. What does Psalm 1 say we can do to enjoy what God promises us?

3. Let’s practice that. Flip over to the New Testament and Philippians 4:13 . What does it really say? (Hint: it’s not “I can do all things through a Bible verse ripped out of context.”)

4. Is Philippians 4:13 your own Affirmation of Faith today? Why or why not? Don’t be too quick with your answer. Serious stuff here.

5. What was going on in John 16 and neighboring chapters when Jesus warned us that There’s a day coming when you will be scattered to your own homes? (Hint: it had absolutely nothing to do with a literal Wintry Mix.) Warning: very serious stuff here.

6. Wrapping together Psalm 1 and Philippians 4:13 and John 16:13, so what? What’s God telling you today?

— I’d love to hear from you on this day of our Wintry Mix.

And if you’re a part of “Journey Church, a contemporary United Methodist congregation,” I sure do miss being with you today.




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