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Hello, My Name Is

June 30, 2018

A 7 year old boy taught several of us adults something new.

The Rivers of Life Clergy Band is in our ninth year. We meet regularly for rehearsals, lunch business meetings, and covenant group time. At our most recent one, keyboard player  Annelle Ruemmler brought a song for us to learn that I just gotta tell you about.

It’s written by Matthew West, and it starts,

Hello, my name is Regret

I’m pretty sure we have met

Every single day of your life

I’m the whisper inside 

That won’t let you forget

Sound familiar?

I’d never heard the song before, but as I stood there playing my bass I realized that I know Regret all too well.

It goes on,

Hello my name is Defeat

I know you recognize me

Just when you think you can win

I’ll drag you back down again

‘Til you’ve lost all belief

Sound familiar?

Me, too.

Then the song says,

These are the voices

These are the lies

And I have believed them 

For the very last time

How and why?

The chorus:

Hello my name is 

Child of the One True King

I’ve been saved,

I’ve been changed,

I have been set free!

Amazing Grace is the song I sing

Hello my name is

Child of the One True King!

Annelle was turned on to this song by her 7 year old grandson. I’m glad, aren’t you?

By the way, The Rivers of Life Clergy Band would love to come to your place. Proceeds go to our Conference’s current mission emphasis, “Our Conference, Our Kids.” While our schedule’s already pretty well filled for the rest of 2018 and even into early 2019, feel free to contact me. We’d welcome the opportunity to come sing and play at your church or community event. Let’s talk.

Meanwhile, remember to sing along with the rest of us, you “Child of the One True King” you, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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  1. Debbie permalink

    I want to hear that song!


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