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Where God Grieves

March 20, 2018

[Quick Review: if you missed my yesterday’s blog here, on the word HOLY, simply scroll down a day and catch up first.]

I was at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes National Conference when the speaker threatened my image of Christ Jesus. He asked us how human we dared to let Him be.

He then set up a scene with Jesus and a couple of guy friends talking. Just…talking. Like normal people talk. And chuckling at stuff.

Awkwardly laughing, I was immediately swept up with the other thousands of high school students in the arena. But we weren’t sure if we were supposed to find this funny or not.

It’s obviously stuck with me for a long time. (And a profound word of thanks to Coach Norm Armstrong for his FCA work with us back then!)

Alicia Britt Chole, in her book 40 Days of Decrease, writes about the humanity of Jesus starting on page 75. She presents him without our “halos of false definitions of holy” and notes that “holy grieves.”

She invites us to “ask God where He is weeping in your life and in the world and join him there.”

Let’s pray that question today.

And let’s notice how and when God answers our question.

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