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7 Weeks and 3 Days Ago, Patty Said….

December 30, 2017

[PLEASE NOTE: for context, scroll down two blogs to Wednesday, December 27, 2017]

Where Joseph and I needed complete manuscripts, Patty only needed brief notes —

— From which she told about…

…how Joseph explained to her several years ago, “That Grandma Ruth, she’s a chatty one!” She has since accused him and me of not falling far from The Chatty Tree.

…the Christmas Eve when she met my mom for the first time, after the 11pm service at the church I served, and how tired she was from a long stretch at Barnes Hospital. The two of them sat on the couch in the parsonage living room while my mom talked on and on, blending one story into the next. After about an hour of this, around 2am, Patty realized I must have fallen asleep in Joseph’s room where I’d gone to help him get to bed; she was right. Patty says she knows her eyes were doing very long blinks and that she might have even drifted off now and then, but my mom just kept on talking.

…how Ruth loved being the center of  attention, often to the point of being a big flirt.

…the way my mom would turn on The Sparkle to meet someone, even while struggling to get out of a car and into a wheelchair. I think of what Patty calls The Sparkle kind of like what pageant contestants do onstage. Only in overdrive.

…how “feisty” my mom was, even to the point of being “rebellious.” Hey, she was an Art Teacher, ya know…!

…how we thought she was beyond caring for her own finances, because she’d told us that. She asked us to help her and then eventually to entirely take care of that for her. Much to our surprise, for the next several years Ruth secretly and successfully wrangled a Christmas Club Account in a bank in Hoyleton, IL, with the occasional aid of a long time friend in management there.

…that sneaky banking activity was one more reason for Patty to want to give her an appreciative “Go, Ruth!” and says such a fiercely independent streak might well be one reason she lived to be 105.



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