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Learning The Art of Small Steps

December 21, 2017

A colleague and friend IRL, Fred Schmidt, recently shared a prayer of Antonine de Saint-Exupery’s, and graciously has given me permission to share any of his stuff with you. Join the rest of us in this classic prayer —

Christ, I ask not about miracles and not of mirages, and the strength of each day. Teach me the art of small steps.

Make me observant and resourceful to a diversity of everyday life in time to dwell on the discoveries and experiences that excited me.

Teach me how to properly dispose of the time of my life. Give me a subtle flair to distinguish primary from secondary.

I ask about the power of restraint and measures throughout the day, and at least sometimes that I could find time to enjoy the arts.

Help me understand that dreams can’t help. Not dreams about the past or dream about the future. Help me to be here and now and perceive this moment as the most important.

Save me from the naïve belief that everything in life should be smooth sailing. Give me a clear consciousness that the complexity of defeat, the fall and failure, are just a natural part of life, through which we grow and mature.

Remind me that the heart often argues with reason.

Send me, at the right moment, someone who will have enough courage to tell me the truth, but tell it lovingly!

I know that many problems cannot be solved, so teach me patience.

You know how much we need friendship. Let me be worthy of this most beautiful and gentle gift.

Give me a rich imagination to at the right moment at the right time, right place, silently or speaking, give someone the necessary heat.

Make me a person who can reach out to those who are “down”.

Protect me from fear of missing something in life.

Give me not what I wish and what I really need.

Teach me the art of small steps.

— See you back here tomorrow. Today, may God grant us grace to live into rich depths this prayer.


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