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What’s Your Retirement Like?

July 8, 2017

NOTE: Last Saturday was my official first day of Retirement. A lot of people ask me how it’s going so far and what it feel like. This was on my mind two days go, just before I wiped out on my bicycle; but that’s another story for another time. To answer the questions about this new season of life —

I’m on my morning bike ride on a favorite trail.

I’ve been going up a steep hill. My bike’s geared way down to the point of being ridiculous. Although I’m pedaling so fast it looks like I’m in a BBC comedy, feet flying and pedals churning, the bike’s barely moving.

But, hey, I’ve made it up what that yellow diamond-shaped sign by the path calls a Dangerous Incline.

Then I crest the hill, which I’m sure by now has become a mountain.

But I keep pedaling.


In the same gear.

I’m zooming down the Dangerous Incline and could stop pedaling any time. At the very least I should shift gears for the approaching flat track.

But I just keep pedaling furiously without any results.

And right there is exactly how my Retirement feels so far: like I don’t need to keep up all the effort, but I am.


Meanwhile over there on a bench sits Christ Jesus, inviting me to “Come to a quiet place and get some rest.” (Mark 6:31)




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