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Kinda Startling Moment in The Children’s Sermon

June 6, 2017

Lucas Quast is part of what I refer to as Our Children’s Sermon Bench. This is a phenomenal group with whom Pastor Jessica and I get to share space on the church calendar and on the sanctuary floor. He’s just one representative member of a world class team…I wish you could see and hear every one of the 15.

When it was his turn recently to do our Children’s Sermon, he came up the center aisle of our sanctuary with shaving cream on the right side of his face.

None on the left. Just the right side of his face. More than a little startling, ya know?

I was initially too stunned to sing the welcoming song. Then I was laughing too hard to sing the welcoming song.

He sat down in the middle of the group of kids. They stared at his face, half-covered in shaving cream.

He asked how their day had been so far. They answered. Cautiously…after all, here’s a young adult who’s a school teacher and who usually wears Converse All Stars with his dress pants, button shirt and tie…and now  he’s sitting there with half a face of shaving cream….

As he explained, doing things half way isn’t a good idea.

He said that Christ Jesus gave us two things to do: love God and love people.

“That first one’s pretty easy for me! Hey, I love God! It’s people that give me problems. But only loving God and not loving people is like only shaving half my face.”

See why I love this church?!

See you back here tomorrow.


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